The future loyalty cards

Create a loyalty program that fits your business. Get to know your customers, programme campaigns and monitor the results. Create irresistible offers that will keep your customers coming back.


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How it works?
It’s a piece of cake! We offer a hustle free solution to create your own loyalty card in 3 simple steps. You just have to register, customise your card, print the QR code to display on your store and that’s it! You’re ready to send out cool offers.
Keep it digital
Forget those old plastic cards that get lost in your customer's wallet. They’re forgettable, annoyingly hard to find and bad for the environment. Interact with your customers through their smartphone, using notifications to let them know about your campaigns.
Understand your customers
Making your customers feel understood and valued will make them come back more often, increasing also the average value of their market basket. Offer the rewards they are asking, giving them the benefits that fit with their profile.
Manage your campaigns
Manage the points, discounts and vouchers that you want to offer. Analyse your customer’s behaviour and preferences and develop profile segmentation, creating an accurate marketing communication to a specific target.
Monitor your results
Keep track of your loyalty program results. The Dashboard gives you information about your customers, campaign results, issued cards, savings, points by customer, and partners information.
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